Asbestos Gland Packing
Asbestos Gland Packing provides a dynamic seal for a rod, shaft or stem via a housing or gland that is packed with resilient or semi-resilient material, thus providing a localized contact area, which offers a physical barrier to leakage.
Expanded PTFE Sealing Products
Expanded PTFE Sealing Products are specially targeted for sealing flange joints in pipelines and hydraulic and pneumatic systems. These products are high quality gasket sheets made of pure multidirectional expanded PTFE to cut or punch gaskets. They are effective as well as economical too. 
Expanded Graphite Sealing Products
Expanded Graphite Sealing Products are particularly suited for applications with extremely high and low temperatures, with highly corrosive and aggressive media. They offers excellent sealing capabilities such as thermal stability, self-lubrication corrosion resistance , without being brittle and aging, etc.
PTFE Packing
PTFE Packing has a low friction and excellent resistance to chemicals. This packing can be used as a valve and pump packing material. It shows great resistance to practically all chemical media & does not smell like raw PTFE packings at high temperatures. This packing is ideal to be used in F & B industry & pharmaceutical applications.
Graphite Gland Packing
Graphite Gland Packing ensures negligible hardness, no friction and hence results in minimal shaft wear. It offers an excellent sealing and reliability in high performance duties. This has been specially treated to incorporate a high-quality graphite-based lubricant. This is very effective as well as economical both. 
Sealing Gaskets
Sealing Gaskets are usually manufactured from a variety of materials, including rubber, cork or paper, metal, copper, and foam. This flexible element can be used for a broad scope of purposes due to its functionality. These include anti-vibration, packaging, hygiene, noise and sound reduction, and most importantly, its most common use, sealing.
Non-Asbestos Braided Stuffing Box Products
Non-Asbestos Braided Stuffing Box Products have good sliding properties and thermal conductivity. These products are wear resistance and can be used as multi service packing. They are self-lubricated and chemically inert over the entire pH range and can be used in chemicals, thermic fluids, condensates, steam.
Pure Expanded Flexible Graphite Sealing Product
Pure Expanded Flexible Graphite Sealing Product is made of 100% expanded PTFE by using special expansion process that offers uniform and multidirectional tensile strength ensure maximum performance and minimum creep & cold flow. This product has flexibility, compact ability and resiliency.
Donit Doniflon
Donit Doniflon is structurally enhanced PTFE gasket sheet filled with silica. This has outstanding chemical resistance to various media, especially recommended for inorganic acids in all concentrations, except hydrofluoric acid. It is suitable for nearly all media and for many applications including pressure sensitive connections.
Donit Grafilit
Donit Grafilit has excellent chemical and thermal resistance with blowout safety. This is used in the chemical and petrochemical industry, at high surface loads or high operating pressures. This is gasket material used in wide range of industries, as gas and steam supply, chemical and petrochemical industry.
Donit Doniflex
Donit Doniflex is a flexible gasket material range made from graphite, aramid fibres, specially selected fillers, and a vulcanized rubber binder. Having excellent thermal properties and good chemical resistance to various media, these materials are suitable for a wide range of applications.

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